Brie's Resume


Catastropical                                                         Independent                                      Dir: Jorge Hazoury

Love At First Hiccup                                              Independent                                      Dir: Barbra Rothenberg
Spring Breakdown                                                 Warner Bros                                      Dir: Ryan Shiraki
Forget Me Not                                                        Independent                                     Dir: Tyler Oliver
Privileged                                                                Independent                                     Dir: Jonah Salander
Your Man From India                                             Independent                                     Dir: Susan Emshwiller
I Don’t Eat Lambs                                                   Independent                                      Dir: Chapman
Leaving Barstow                                                     Independent                                      Dir: Peter Paige
Surfer Dude                                                             Independent                                     Dir: S.R. Bindler
Stiletto                                                                      Independent                                     Dir: Nick Vallelonga
The Prince and The Pauper                                   Sony                                                   Dir: James Quattrochi
Dancing on the Edge                                              Independent                                      Dir:  Joanne Jensen
How I Learned to Drive                                          Independent                                      Dir: Amber Beard
Dr. Frank                                                                  Independent                                      Dir: Clint Kenly
Wings of Legacy                                                      Independent                                      Dir: Neeta Mittal
Finding Virtue                                                          Independent                                      Dir: Jeff Virkus

Bloodline                                                               Recurring                                                  Netflix
Days of our Lives                                                  Recurring                                                  NBC
My Name is Earl                                                    Guest Star                                                 NBC
Criminal Minds                                                     Guest Star                                                 CBS
The Riches                                                             Recurring                                                   F/X
Cold Case                                                               Co Star                                                      CBS
Hannah Montana                                                  Recurring                                                  Disney
Drake and Josh                                                       Co-Star                                                     Nickelodeon       

Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report                   Self                                                            FOX Sun Sports
South Florida Minute                                             Self                                                            CW34

Lesly Kahn, Hollywood                                                     Jan and Jon Bina, commercial class, Studio City
In House Media, Matt Jackson, Burbank                       Cynthia Bain, Scene Study, Studio City
Greg Edwards, Burbank                                                  Joey Travolta’s Acting Studio, Sherman Oaks Margie Haber Studios, LA                                                            John Homa, Scene Study/Technique, Valencia
Harriet Greenspan, Cold reading/Scene Study            Ivana Chubbuck, Scene Study
Joey Paul Jensen, Scene study/Improv,
Vocal/Recording Training, Leo Maeza, Studio City, Vocal Training, Susan Lombardo-Premier West-Divas in Training, North Hollywood, Vocal Training, Sandy Joyce

Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern